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Minor Guardianship Pro Se Forms and Instructions

Petitions for guardianship of a minor are filed in the District Court. This link directs you to a list of contact information for each district court:

Disclaimer: Please note these are NOT official court forms.  These forms and instructions were designed to assist in most but not all cases and should not be considered legal advice. Not all forms may apply to your situation. Only a lawyer can give you advice about your specific case. Click here for help finding an lawyer.

Important Note:  If custody of the minor was awarded or will be awarded to a non-parent through the juvenile dependency court, this section does not apply. Click here for more information about Juvenile Court.

You may also want to read: Temporary Guardianship of Related Minor Child for Educational, Medical Care and Dental Care Purposes

Please read the instructions before filling out any forms:


Filing a Guardianship Petition

Other Options for Service

Responding to a Guardianship Petition


Asking for a Hearing Date

NOTE: Individual courts have different policies on scheduling, so it is important to contact the court where your case is filed to determine when and how to schedule your appearance in front of the Judge. Your court may have forms to request a hearing date, or you can fill out these forms to request a hearing date:

Before the Hearing

At the Hearing

After the Court Appoints a Guardian